Mill Valley

Just minutes north of San Francisco, Mill Valley is located on the western and northern shores of Richardson Bay. Beyond the flat coastal area and marshlands, it occupies narrow wooded canyons, mostly of second-growth redwoods, on the eastern slopes of Mount Tamalpais.

In 1896 a mountain railway, nicknamed "The Crookedest Railroad in the World," carried passengers from town to the Mt. Tamalpais' summit and to Muir Woods. Although the tracks were removed in 1930, the Old Railroad Grade is currently very popular with hikers and bikers. Tamalpais High School opened in 1907, the first city hall was erected in 1908, and Andrew Carnegie's library in 1910. The Post Office opened under the name "Eastland", however after many objections it was changed to "Mill Valley" in 1904.

Bordered on three sides by the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Muir Woods National Monument, Mt. Tamalpais State Park and watershed, Mill Valley offers spectacular recreational opportunities. But this is only part of its attractions. The people that have chosen to live here, from rock stars, artists, and nationally known authors, to business executives and political radicals; all are part of the eclectic mixture of talented folks who came for the pleasure of normalcy and anonymity to live in this incredibly beautiful and charming town. From the spectacular vistas atop Mount Tamalpais, back-woods hiking, or a lazy weekend drive to the beaches, Mill Valley is an outdoor lover's paradise.

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