Design Trends - Trim and Ceilings

October 11, 2018

TRIM AND CEILING TRENDS - Some of my favorite designers are featuring gorgeous new trends and ideas in painting trim and ceilings, with an emphasis on ceilings.

For years now crown molding and trim has generally been painted in a satin finish.  Now, there is a trend towards using semi-gloss and high-gloss paint for all trim, and also on the ceilings.  One of the treatments used on the ceilings is metallic paint.  Various light shades of silver, sometimes with a touch of lighter striations to give it interest, appear to be the most popular.  The danger is making it too dark and having the ceiling appear lower or like there is a lid on the room.  The reflective aspect of high-gloss paint is flattering to furnishings and adds a lot of flair.  It's also an inexpensive way to make a noticeable change.  If the room is already painted white, high-gloss white on the ceiling with matching trim is both dramatic and elegant. 


In addition, designers are using wallpaper on the ceiling, and the finished room is surprisingly fabulous.  Wallpaper is the rage again, so no surprise that it would be used on the ceilings too.  Obviously, it has to be a wallpaper that you can lie in bed and look up at and not get tired of.  I've included a few interesting ceiling treatments that you might like. There is even wallpaper that can be used as crown molding :-)