Design Trends - Headboards & Beds

June 4, 2018

This month I've been asked to personally address headboards and beds (not including four-post types).  I'm guessing we've all had thoughts about what to do to refresh a bedroom or two, and nothing is easier than introducing a new headboard or bed.  Or, is it?  

There are so many options, and like with clothing design, it seems that anything goes these days.  It's a lot more fun if we have photographs of ideas that we can share with our designer, or just keep in a folder for "someday down the road", so I've selected photos that range from using the wall behind the bed as part of the design and drama, to just introducing a dramatic headboard shape and/or design.  You will note that fabrics with texture, leather, wood, wallpaper (even on the ceiling),fabric squares behind the bed, mirror, tile backdrops, and literally framing the bed are methods that designers are using to create interest, and in some cases, create very bold, individualized statements.

These designs may not be for you, but they may get your creative eye busy with new ideas.  Whether you're just enjoying living in your home, or thinking about selling, refreshing your master bedroom is always a good thing to do.  Everyone has their own innate sense of style and comfort level, but sometimes it's advantageous to stretch a bit.

Sources for each photo are available upon request.