Design Trends - Bakosh Gardening

August 6, 2018

I am frequently asked questions about landscaping.  These questions pertain to asking for tips to perk up the property and questions asking how to improve and enhance in a simple fashion.  Landscape is a significant contributor to the "first impression" that people have when they drive up to a home, and it also tends to be a reflection of the amount of care that is given to the property.

Debbie Ainsworth, owner/operator of Bakosh Gardening, shared her 8 fail-proof landscape tips for getting your home ready to sell. Debbie is a premier landscape stager and a landscape designer for private homes.  Debbie's landscape tips are simple and easy, and terrific for any home, any time.  


1.  Use an abundance of white iceberg roses.  They can be used to accent architecture, create opulence, and to fill in unplanted areas.

2.  Lawn, lawn, and more lawn.

3.  Abundant use of Boxwood hedges.  Never fails to add a sense of planning and a bit more formality. 

4.  Black bark instead of redwood bark.  Cover the dirt, even in areas with very spartan landscape or flowers. 

5.  The color combination of white and green is ALWAYS gorgeous.  Add a bit of purple lavender, and voila! 

6.  Clean and not crowded is the rule of thumb nowadays. 

7.  White vinca, impatiens, and New Guinea impatiens are all winners.  Lavender now comes in white.  Add color sparingly.  New Guinea impatiens are heartier if in an area with more sun.

8.  EFFICIENT IRRIGATION!  All of the new designing and planting is pointless if the irrigation is not efficient.  

Debbie also enjoys creating exotic gardens such as: butterfly/hummingbird gardens; tropical; edible; fern grotto; succulent.  Debbie can be reached at 415.328.5837.